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ready to grow and eat More healthy, fresh, homegrown food with your family?

Learn How Easy it is to fit growing food into your Busy Family life

What you will accomplish over the 5 days:

  • Create a realistic weekly schedule to take care of your plants
  • Start the habit of being proactive to catch problems early and save time
  • Learn how to get a lot done on the weekend even if you just have an hour
  • Create three ways to self-water your plants to save time
  • Create a self-contained salad garden that is simple to care for

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What You'll Get

  • A daily video and worksheet for each topic we'll be covering
  • A daily live group Q&A during the event to answer any questions you may have
  • 2 weeks access to our challenge Facebook popup group to meet the other participants and help you take action
  • A special limited-time promotion to join Seed to Table, the monthly membership for families growing food at home

Marc Thoma is a fantastic resource and garden guru! He's helped me get started and I'm a total newbie. No judgement (which I've felt in at least 2 garden centers), just support and advice I can actually follow. I'm excited to see the plants in my new raised garden bed thriving!
Tammy headshot
BC, Canada
This is such EXCELLENT info, thank you so much! We’ve got plot gardening down fairly well, and yet I clearly still can learn more! Willing to answer even my strange questions about trying to do potatoes in containers or how to ensure we can take our garden with us when we move, Marc has always had a thorough answer for anything I throw at him!
I've spent years reading about urban homesteading and how to get the best out of your growing land—all while stuck in an apartment on the 25th floor in the middle of a city. Once I had a plot of land of my own, I began to see that reading and doing are VERY different things. Marc has been able to help me synthesize my book learning and his actual experience and now my garden is flourishing and I'm on my way to more food security! Thank you, Marc!

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Marc Thoma - Tranquil Urban Homestead

About Your Host

Hi, I’m Marc and your host and guide for this challenge.

I’ve been growing food at home for over 15 years. And at times I’ve struggled to fit growing food into my busy family life. However I’ve found ways to still be able to put homegrown food on our family’s table so we can eat healthier and reduce our environmental impact.

That’s why I am hosting this challenge. 

I’m seeing far too many families out there that want to grow food successfully and they don’t. They say they don’t have the space. They don’t have the time. They’re not successful because they’re unaware of how little space and time you need to grow just one container of lettuce.

Imagine how your family’s health and well-being will improve when you take that first step to get healthy, fresh, homegrown food on your family’s table.

That first step is to sign up for this challenge. See you inside!

Have a Question?

I’m well aware that families are busy, so each day’s video is less than 15 minutes long and the challenge activity should only take you 10-15 minutes to do. You also are encouraged to visit the pop-up Facebook group to share your progress and cheer on the other participants.

No catch, this is completely free! However you do need to go through the challenge live in order to get the best results, and you will only have access to the challenge material until September 2nd.

The challenge officially starts on August 22nd and will run for 5 days. However I will be opening up the Facebook group on August 19th for you to get to know the other participants and this group will be kept open for 2 weeks, enabling you to get additional support and feedback even after the challenge ends.

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We Start August 22nd! Enter your details below to join the Waitlist: