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It is nearing the end of the year and it is time to reflect on the year that was. What inspiring achievements did I manage to make in my garden this year?

inspiring achievementsIt has been an especially busy year. Mainly I think it is because I started this blog back in April and it has taken up more of my spare time than I first thought.

The year also started off with putting an end to the procrastinating that was crippling my progress in the garden. I started off with a building frenzy as you will see in the list below. And kept going after that with other projects around the garden. All in an effort to create my own tranquil garden.

And it was a very good year. Lots of achievements that I hope will inspire you to do something similar in your garden. Especially growing abundant vegetables and fruit (even though some of the fruit trees didn’t do as well as last year) which helped to feed our small family with lots of healthy, organically grown produce.

The list below is loosely grouped by topic. It contains various links to blog posts, Instagram posts and other related links.


  1. Removed old compost bins that were rotting
  2. Built a new set of compost bins
  3. Removed old raised beds that were rotting
  4. Built new raised beds in a new configuration
  5. Rebuilt my greenhouse roof
  6. Panelled inside knee walls of greenhouse
  7. Added one more water barrel to greenhouse
  8. Added drip irrigation system to greenhouse
  9. Built a 2×3 cedar planter with my daughter’s help – an ebook on its construction will be out in the new year

Vegetables and Fruit

  1. Filled new raised beds with 3 yards of soil – many wheelbarrow loads from the driveway to the backyard!
  2. Moved strawberry plants and asparagus to new raised beds
  3. Bought new asparagus crowns and planted them
  4. Moved blueberry bushes to a better location
  5. Grew three watermelons (two more than last year!)
  6. Grew a decent crop of soybeans
  7. Grew one kabocha squash
  8. Grew turnips (even though they were eaten by root maggots a bit)
  9. Had a huge peach harvest
  10. Had my daughter help a few times with seeding
  11. Created some seed tape and sheets with my daughter
  12. Built a strawberry crate tower
  13. Grew sweet potatoes for the first time and saves some slips for next year
  14. Grew two crops of broccoli and cabbage
  15. Grew lots of kohlrabies
  16. Grew a decent crop of onions
  17. Had a decent apple harvest and made applesauce
  18. Had success moving eggplants in pots out of the greenhouse in summer


  1. Did lots and lots of weeding – it never ends!
  2. Removed a buffaloberry bush that was blocking sunlight to my raised beds
  3. Did a major trim on a lilac tree to cut down its height
  4. Restained my greenhouse
  5. Cleaned and stained top rail of deck railings


  1. Bought a $100 gift card on Cyber Monday for Lee Valley Tools – looking forward to the garden tools and supplies I can buy over the course of next year!
  2. Bought a new long-armed pruner to prune my fruit trees
  3. Had hot and cold running water added to greenhouse thanks to Garden City Plumbing
  4. Bought two new Flexilla hoses
  5. Bought and installed a min/max thermometer in the greenhouse
  6. Bought a new chipper/shredder (unfortunately now have been waiting > 6 months for a replacement)


  1. Started this blog
  2. Started a weekly newsletter with recipes, produce info, updates on garden
  3. Created several downloadables
  4. Wrote five book reviews
  5. Started writing a few ebooks
  6. Started to be active on social media to promote the blog
  7. (Finally) signed up for Facebook and created a page for the blog
  8. Posted over 50 images on Instagram from my garden

Healthy Eating

  1. Started regularly drinking smoothies made from greens in my garden
  2. Found innovative ways to hide greens in food so my daughter would eat them!
  3. Ate mostly from the garden this summer

And the Best Achievement

  1. Being grateful for all the abundance in my garden this year!


And a heartfelt ❤️ thank you to both my wife and daughter for having helped when they could in the garden and for having put up with me being busy doing all of these tasks!

Have you made a list yet of your gardening achievements? Now is the time of year and I’d love to see your list in the comments regardless of how short or long it is.

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Marc Thoma

Marc is the founder of Tranquil Garden Urban Homestead. He has more than 15 years gardening experience and is working steadily on creating his own urban homestead, trying to be more self-sufficient by growing most of his own vegetables and fruit.

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