Provide your child with their own space to be creative and grow their own tasty, healthy vegetables and fruit

*Even If You Are Not An Experienced Woodworker Or DIYer*

children's garden planter box

Parent, Do any of these sound familiar?

1. Your child doesn’t spend enough time outdoors

They spend too much time on electronic devices or spend sunny days indoors while you are outdoors in the garden.

2. Your child doesn’t know where their food comes from

Your child isn’t aware of where things grow. They think everything comes from the grocery store and is magically made by people.

3. Your child is very picky about eating vegetables or fruit

They complain about the lack of taste: strawberries that just taste like water, carrots that are bland, lettuce that is wilted, tomatoes that are mealy and tasteless.

4. Your child is looking for a creative outlet

They like to create things at school and they show an interest in how things grow.

5. You want your child to learn self-sufficiency

You realize that society is too reliant on the complicated, expensive and environment-damaging food industry. You want your child to learn how to reduce the reliance on the availability of store-bought food.

6. Your child wants to have their own garden and you don’t know how to set this up

You don’t have your own garden or don’t have space in your existing garden beds for a section devoted to your child.

7. You are concerned about how healthy the vegetables and fruit you are buying are

You are worried about pesticide and chemical residue and about the quality of the produce. You have heard that they are often grown quickly for market without much concern for maximum nutrition which is not good for the health of your child and the rest of the family.

You will learn exactly how to build a compact, sturdy garden planter box that will Provide your child with the perfect space to grow their own fresh, healthy vegetables and fruit!

Hi, I’m Marc!

I am a gardener, woodworker and father. I know that one of my responsibilities as a father is to teach my daughter how to be a contributing member to society and hopefully improve the world in whatever way she can.

One way is for her to learn to grow her own food. 

I had the idea in the fall of 2017 to build a planter box for my daughter so that she can learn how to grow her own food and take ownership over her small garden. 

Her first year of growing in her garden was relatively successful and it will only get better as she learns what needs to be done to keep things growing well.

Marc Thoma - Tranquil Urban Homestead

Children really take pride when they create something!

In the case of my daughter, being able to grow her own carrots, beans and other vegetables in her first year of trying was a powerful creative experience for her.

And this really came to light when she was asked in kindergarten to draw a picture of what she was thankful for just before the Canadian Thanksgiving after that first summer of growing: she drew this picture of herself and her garden with the carrots and beans she grew!

I’ll be perfectly honest with you: I felt tears welling up inside me as I realized that the time we spent together to build her planter box the previous fall in our garage, then to fill it with soil and plant seeds and transplants the following spring meant so much to her.

Notice that she even drew in the planter box in brown (it’s not really on legs but it does have vertical braces on each corner – she’s allowed some artistic license at her age! 😀) So she really likes it!

And here is one of her modest carrot harvests of which she was very proud! You can just see her planter box behind her with her beans climbing up.

little girl holding up three small carrots grown in her garden

in the Children Garden Planter Ebook you'll learn How To Build The Same Strong, Attractive Planter Box For Your Child That My Daughter Just Loves!

Childrens Garden Planter Box eBook on iPad

What makes this planter box design stand out from many other designs you will find online or the Kits you can buy?

  • It’s a compact size at just 2 feet by 3 feet (2’x3′), making it easier to find a place to put it. Your child should also be able to reach all parts of the box for seeding, weeding and harvesting. And at this size the garden is more manageable for a beginner gardener.
  • No exposed end grain – all end grain is capped in some way to minimize rain and dirt penetration that could cause rot
  • No interior corner braces that take up valuable space inside the bed – exterior corner braces are stronger and add a design element to the outside of the box
  • Designed to use standard lumber sizes efficiently with almost no waste, saving you money
  • Top trim that covers end grain of corner braces can be used to sit on for seeding, weeding and other maintenance
  • Sturdy bottom to hold in the soil
  • No nails or staples – all fasteners are construction-grade deck screws
  • Sacrificial feet to avoid rotting out bottom of the planter and also to protect deck surfaces from water that drips from the planter’s drain holes
  • Optional plastic sheeting covering the entire interior of the box to extend the life of the wood

Special Spring Price of Just $21USD!

Here is a Look at how the instructions are broken down into easy-to-follow steps

Table of Contents

clear step-by-step instructions with photos So you can
build the Planter box in confidence!

Childrens Garden Planter Box Spread

Bonuses - Yes, you get these all as well!

5 Themed Planting Plans on iPad

5 Themed Planting Plans ($5 value, free!)

Have fun by planting a themed garden! Whether it is ingredients for a fresh pizza or veggies and fruit for healthy school snacks, you will find one of the themed plans a perfect match for the planter box. Each plan shows you what to plant where and how many plants to include. And a bonus list at the end contains my recommendations for seed varieties that children will especially like (hint: many of them are very colourful varieties, such as multi-coloured carrots!)

5 Easy Recipes Children Will Love on iPad

5 Easy Recipes Children Will Love ($5 value, free!)

Children can help make recipes that are made from fresh fruit and vegetables they grew in their garden. Recipes for easy pizza dough, pancakes, smoothies, spiral bread and even breaded cauliflower are included.

Materials for Outdoor Projects on iPad

Materials for Outdoor Projects ($5 value, free!)

Building your children's garden planter box from the right materials will ensure that the box will last a long time. Learn how to pick the right lumber, fasteners and finish that will stand up to the outdoor environment.

Fun Plant Labels on iPad

Fun Plant Labels ($5 value, free!)

Add these colourful plant labels to the planter box and know where each vegetable has been planted. Easy to create: just print out the labels, laminate them and add a popsicle stick. Friendly smiling labels that children will absolutely love!

A Sturdy Add-on Trellis on iPad

A Sturdy Add-on Trellis ($5 value, free!)

Add an easy-to-build trellis to your planter box so that vining plants such as beans and cucumber can climb up it and other plants can be tied to it. Step-by-step instructions with diagrams show you how to create the trellis from 1x1 lumber and attach it securely to the planter box.

Planter Box Name Plaque on iPad

Planter Box Name Plaque ($5 value, free!)

Personalize your children's garden planter box with a custom name plaque with their name on it. Provide your child with a sense of ownership and responsibility for their new garden

CGPB FB Group on iPhone

A Private Facebook Community ($15/month value, free forever!)

Exclusive to purchasers of the eBook, the Facebook group will allow you to collaborate with others who are also building or have built the garden planter box. Get help if you get stuck, learn ways to customize or resize the planter box to different dimensions and see photos of other garden planter boxes and what the children are growing in them.

Here is the full package of downloads that you'll get:

Special Spring Price of Just $21USD!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I build this box and use it for myself as I don’t have any young children?

A: Yes, of course! While this eBook is being marketed to parents with young children who want to get into gardening, it also will work for a small garden for a single person or a couple that is just getting started. 

Or if you’re a grandparent, this is a great birthday or Christmas gift for your grandchild!

Q: I don’t have much experience building with wood. Will I be able to build this box without any experience?

A: Yes, the box is simple to build. You can have all of your lumber cut where you buy your lumber and then it will just be a matter of screwing together the pieces. Each step in the instructions has a photo showing what to do as well as detailed step-by-step instructions. 

If you run into any problems or you simply don’t feel confident in putting it together, ask a friend or family member who does woodworking or you can also contact me at if you have a question.

You will also have access to a free private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get help.

Q: How much will the wood and materials cost? 

A: This is highly dependent on where you live and what wood species you choose to build the planter box from. I would say it will cost under $100USD. If you are lucky you might be able to find salvaged cedar or redwood, which would decrease the cost by quite a bit. 

Q: How is the book laid out?

A: The book is split up into sections, one for every phase of the construction of the box. There are detailed photos of all the steps taken when I built my daughter’s box and accompanying detailed instructions. 

I’ve written lots of help documentation in my day job, which you’ll see reflected in the quality of the instructions. And if I get feedback that any steps could be better explained, I’ll make that improvement in a subsequent edition of the eBook and email you the link so that you can download it for free. 

Q: Can I build this in another size?

A: Yes, you can. The design in the eBook is for a 2’x3′ box. I don’t provide any specific advice on how to change the plans, however the sizes are easy to adjust without needing to significantly change the design. If you want to build larger you may need to add some additional braces along the sides similar to the ends. 

Note also that metric dimensions are not included. In North America all lumber sizes are in imperial measurements. Metric lumber sizes seem to vary according to European country so it would be difficult to provide metric dimensions that work everywhere.

You can ask for more help with this by emailing or posting your question in the private Facebook group which you will get access to as part of your eBook purchase.

Q: I only have a small balcony or patio. Will this box fit?

A: As the box measures 2×3’ and is quite heavy when filled with soil and plants, I wouldn’t recommend using it on a standard balcony or deck. For a patio it should be fine but you might find it takes up a lot of space. 

As I mentioned above you can build it slightly smaller if you wish, but no specific instructions are included on how to do that. You can ask for more help with this by emailing or posting your question in the private Facebook group which you will get access to as part of your eBook purchase.

Q: Is there a refund?

A: It is a digital download and as such there are no refunds. However I am open to any feedback you have to improve the eBook and the bonuses. You will always have free access to the most recent version of the book as it is updated. 

If you have any questions about the eBook prior to purchasing, please contact

NOTE that this is a digital download, NOT a physical book. You will receive a link to a PDF file for the eBook and each bonus to download onto your computer, tablet or phone.

Q: How secure is it to order the eBook?

A: After you checkout, you will be redirected to PayPal and all credit card processing is done through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay with your credit card. No credit card information is stored on this site.

Childrens Garden Planter Box eBook on iPad

Special Spring Price of Just $21USD!

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