Learn How To Grow Healthy, Fresh, Homegrown Food

Ever dream of growing your own veggies at home for your family? You can do it!

Discover how To grow* Tasty Vegetables for your family in a beautiful raised bed garden at home

*Even If You’ve Never Grown Anything Before

Save time researching and Get all the info you need in one place

Family Raised Bed Garden eBook on iPad

Having your Own family raised bed garden is one of The easiest ways to get started growing your own vegetables. In the Ebook you will learn:

Here is a look At what topics are included:

Family Raised Bed Garden Table of Contents

Note: instructions for the raised bed construction are in a separate included eBook with full-colour detailed photos showing every step of the construction.

take that first step you know you need to take
to start your own homegrown food journey

Why you can nO LONGER AFFORD to ignore
the benefits of homegrown food

So How much Does "Family Raised Garden Bed" cost?

How much time have you spent looking for ways to start growing your own food? Maybe you find some info here and some there but it is not comprehensive.

Or maybe you thought you could get info from YouTube or social media, but then spend your precious time side-tracked watching cat videos!

When you think of it, how much organic local veggies can you buy for under $30 nowadays? You’ll be lucky to get one bagful at your local farmer’s market or grocery store.

The transformation that the right information can have in your family’s life is priceless.

However to bring this transformation to as many families as possible, I have priced the eBook at a low $27USD 

*Please note that due to the digital nature of this eBook, no refunds will be provided.

Grow bagfuls and basketfuls of healthy, fresh, homegrown Veggies In the convenience of your own backyard!

And I'll throw in the following bonuses for free!

5 Raised Bed Layouts on iPad

Bonus #1 - Five Raised Bed Layouts ($7 value)

Free PDF download of 5 raised bed layouts to fit in almost any space, clearly laid out with a 1 foot grid and includes space for access paths to plant, maintain and harvest your vegetables without having to step into the beds.

Site Preparation Worksheet on iPad

Bonus #2 - Site Preparation Worksheet ($7 value)

Free PDF worksheet that guides you to find the best place for your raised bed garden, keeping in mind things like sun exposure, drainage, working around existing trees and structures, etc.

Vegetable Planning Worksheet on iPad

Bonus #3 - Vegetable Planning Worksheet ($7 value)

Free PDF worksheet to help you plan what veggies you will grow and where they will go in your new raised bed garden.

Facebook group on iphone

Bonus #4 - Private Facebook Group ($19 value)​

Free access to a private Facebook group for buyers of the eBook. If you have questions about building the raised beds, planting in them and taking care of your plants, this is the group to ask the question in. And you can also see other familys' raised bed gardens and share photos of yours as well!​

So the full package of Ebooks and bonuses looks like this:

(5 iPads And 1 iPhone Not Included 😁)​

Family Raised Bed Garden Full Spread

Get started on your own Family Raised bed Garden Today!

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