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Learn How You Can Easily Grow Lots Of Healthy, Fresh Food for your Family in a Beautiful Raised Bed Garden at Home

*Even If You’ve Never Gardened Before*

Raised bed with Lettuce

Busy Parent, Do any of these sound familiar?

1. Organic produce is too expensive to buy

You have good intentions to feed your family organic produce, but it is sooo expensive to buy, especially out of season. Never mind trying to find local and organic produce that you can afford.

2. Your kids are fussy about eating vegetables

Your kids tell you that the vegetables you buy don’t taste like anything. And you agree!

3. You have so many excuses for not growing your own food

You have thought about growing your own food but you never do because you think you don’t have the time, space, money or knowledge.

4. Your backyard has poor quality soil

You’ve tried to grow stuff in the ground but it always dies. The sad thing is that the weeds grow fine in the poor quality dirt (you really can’t call it soil!)

5. Your vegetables got eaten by pests

You don’t want to eat a plant-based holed foods diet because of pest damage; it’s supposed to be plant-based whole foods diet!

You will learn exactly how to setup a beautiful raised bed garden in your urban backyard that will provide fresh, healthy vegetables for your family!

Hi, I’m Marc!

I remember the many times standing in the produce aisle at the local grocery store, debating whether I should buy organic food imported from hundreds or even thousands of miles away or buy non-organic food grown closer to home.

Or in some cases I didn’t have a choice and had to buy broccoli from California or peppers from Israel (no kidding!)

And pay the exorbitant prices that make you feel like you are buying gold-encrusted vegetables!

That all changed when I built my raised garden beds and started growing my own vegetables in earnest. Now I can have homegrown produce that is organically grown without having to make compromises on what I buy.

And it has saved our family money as we grow more and more vegetables each year with just a small investment in seeds, fertilizer and water. 

In this eBook I share the steps that I took and that you too can follow to achieve similar results.

Marc Thoma - Tranquil Urban Homestead

My raised beds have allowed Our Family to grow fresh, healthy vegetables that save us money and let us eat healthier!

In this ebook you’ll learn:

1. How to manage your family’s time and have the right mindset to make growing your own food a higher priority that it has been

Learn ways to conquer the overwhelm of living a busy family life and have the right mindset to put growing healthy food at home higher on your priority list.

2. What problems raised beds solve and why they are the way to go

Learn why raised beds can improve harvests and make growing your own vegetables easier.

3. How to setup your raised bed garden in as little as two weekends

Learn how to find the best location, how to prep the site for your raised bed garden, how to build the raised beds with a proven, strong construction method and what to fill the raised bed with.

3. How to plan out your raised beds and get the whole family involved

Learn how to choose the right vegetables, pick the right varieties and plan out where they will be planted.

4. Tips on how to start and grow healthy vegetable plants 

Learn how to grow your own healthy, strong seedlings, how to transplant them and then care for your vegetables

5. Tips on how to harvest and preserve your crops

Learn when to harvest your crops, what makes up the perfect harvesting basket of tools and supplies and how to use and preserve your homegrown veggies.

In the Family Raised Bed Garden eBook you'll get:

Family Raised Bed Garden eBook
  • Over 140 pages detailing the step-by-step process to setup raised beds to grow your family’s food
  • Tips on how to change your mindset and manage your time to allow for growing vegetables for your family
  • How to choose the best site and prepare it for your raised beds
  • A companion guide showing you how to build raised beds that will last and look attractive
  • What soil to use to fill the beds and how to amend the soil
  • Additional upgrades to your beds to grow vertically, extend the growing season and protect from pests
  • A guide to get started planting up your raised beds for successful veggie production
  • How to maintain your beds so they give you many years of vegetables
  • A Resources section with lists of other books, seed suppliers, tools and supplies

Introductory Price of Just $21USD!

The book includes all of the following:

Mastering Mindset and Time

Preparing the Site

Building Raised Beds

Building Healthy Soil

Setting up Irrigation

Growing Food

Dealing with Problems

Maintaining Your Garden

Here is a look At what topics are included:

Family Raised Bed Garden Table of Contents

Here is a look inside the main ebook:

Family Raised Bed Garden Spread

And the Companion guide On how to construct
your own raised bed:

Who is this book for?

Families who want to save money by growing their own food

At first glance a raised bed garden looks like it would cost a lot of money to setup. You do need to invest some money to get setup but after that, running costs will be low with a huge payback in fresh, bountiful harvests. And as you grow more you will be able to save seeds and create amazing compost to avoid having to buy these critical supplies.

Families who want to have an aesthetically pleasing food garden.

In an urban backyard you have to live with your garden. You can’t just slap together some crude beds and be happy with how they look. This eBook covers only one type of raised bed construction that creates beautiful raised beds that are sturdy and long-lasting.

Families who want to start eating healthier and cleaner

You either have health issues or simply want to clean up your diet for the sake of your kids. Fresh, homegrown food is the best way to guarantee safety and the freshness of your vegetables as well as maximum flavour and nutrients.

Bonuses - Yes, you get these all as well!

5 Raised Bed Layouts on iPad

5 Raised Bed Layouts ($10 value)

Your eBook comes with a free PDF download of 5 raised bed layouts to fit in almost any space. They are clearly laid out with a 1 foot grid and also include space for access paths to plant, maintain and harvest your vegetables without having to step into the beds.

Site Preparation Worksheet on iPad

Site Preparation Worksheet ($10 value)

Your eBook comes with a free PDF worksheet that guides you to find the best place for your raised bed garden, keeping in mind things like sun exposure, drainage, working around existing trees and structures, etc.

Vegetable Planning Worksheet on iPad

Vegetable Planning Worksheet ($10 value)

Your eBook comes with a free PDF worksheet to help you plan what veggies you will grow and where they will go in your new raised bed garden.

Facebook group on iphone

Private Facebook Group ($19 value)

Your eBook comes with free access to a private Facebook group for buyers of the eBook. If you have questions about building the raised beds, planting in them and taking care of your plants, this is the group to ask the question in. And you can also see other familys' raised bed gardens and share photos of yours as well!

Here is the full package of downloads that you'll get:

Family Raised Bed Garden Full Spread

Introductory Price of Just $21USD!

frequently Asked Questions:

What if I’ve never grown anything before?

It can be quite intimidating to grow something for the first time. However with the info in the book on growing as well as the private FaceBook group where you can ask questions and get help with growing problems, you will do fine. Maybe in your first year or two you will have some failures but even seasoned gardeners will have failures. You just have to have an abundance mindset (taught in the book) to try and be grateful for whatever you are able to grow.

What if I can’t afford to build raised beds?

Look at your budget and see what you are spending your money on. Is it for expensive organic vegetables? Are there luxury expenses in your life that you can reduce your spending on that you can reduce? Establishing a garden that will pay you back for years to come is the best investment of your time and money if you are concerned with the health of your family.

What if I have no woodworking skills or tools?

The lumber for the beds could be cut to length by a lumberyard where you buy your wood. Often they will do a few cuts for free with the rest of the cuts just costing a few cents. Or if you have a woodworking friend they can help you out. Assembling the beds just requires a drill and some screws, which most homeowners should have for other projects around the house. There are step-by-step instructions for building the beds, including lots of photos. And if you really get stuck, you can ask questions in the private Facebook group.

What if I already have an established garden?

You can still fit raised beds into an existing garden. The eBook does cover how to move plants and work around established trees that can’t be moved.

Can’t I just grow in the ground?

You can and many families are successfully doing so. However if your soil is very rocky, contains a lot of clay or is the poor fill left by the contractor when they built your house, you will have problems growing healthy vegetable plants in it. Raised beds allow you to start with a good soil and amend it over time to get the best, healthiest soil for your plants.

Do you cover using palette wood or cheap fence boards to build the raised beds?

No, the raised bed construction that I cover in the eBook is using 2×6 cedar lumber (or equivalent such as redwood, cypress or hemlock). This creates strong, long-lasting attractive beds. You can of course use other materials but you are on your own to design around the thinner material and likely will need to add extra bracing to avoid bowing of the sides. You can also use other materials such as brick, stone or metal but those are not covered in the eBook.

How much time will setting all this up take and how much to maintain?

I do provide a schedule in the eBook that shows you how you can setup your first raised bed garden in about six weeks, including the time it will take your seedlings to grow big enough to transplant into the beds. Most of the raised bed building is planned over two weekends.

Once the garden is established, an hour here and there during the week will be enough. Time-saving techniques are included in the eBook such as setting up automatic watering and cutting down on the need to weed by mulching.

How will I receive the eBook?

This eBook is a digital download in PDF format. 
As soon as you purchase it, I’ll send you an email. The email will have a link for you to click to download the eBook, the companion guide on building the raised bed and all the bonuses.
You can read the eBook and the other downloads on your phone, computer, or other electronic device. You can also print the downloads for your own personal use.

Can I return this? Is there a refund?

No, I’m unfortunately not able to provide any refunds. Since this is a digital product there is nothing physical to return. 

However if you feel like there is information lacking in the eBook or other aspects of the eBook that you have suggestions and feedback on, you can do so. You will have lifetime access to any updates and new editions of the eBook as they are made.

Is my payment info safe?

Yes, I exclusively use Paypal for all credit card processing. Your credit card information is never shared with me.

Have another question?

I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about the eBook. Please email me at

Here is the full package of downloads that you'll get:

Family Raised Bed Garden Full Spread

family Raised bed garden


Learn How You Can Easily Grow Lots Of Healthy, Fresh Food for your Family in a Beautiful Raised Bed Garden at Home

*Even If You’ve Never Gardened Before*

Introductory Price of Just $21USD!

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