Get The "Homeowner Vacation Checklist" and "Caretaker Vacation Checklist", Absolutely Free!

Homeowner Vacation Checklist on iPad

Two handy checklists:​

Homeowner checklist

  • prepare your garden before you go away on vacation
  • reminders of what to do one month before, one week before, one day before and on the day you leave
  • what to do while you are away to keep tabs on your garden
  • what you should check when you come back home

Caretaker checklist

  • make sure your caretaker knows what to do to water, fertilize, take care of pests and harvest
  • handy page to note down all emergency contact info for you, insurance company, etc.

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    Tranquil Garden Urban Homestead is dedicated to showing urban homeowners and renters how to grow your own food at home. 

    With years of experience growing his own fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs, Marc provides easy to understand information. 

    He focuses on planning and designing the food garden, building structures and other projects that support growing food, learning how to choose the right tools and supplies and learning how to grow food to feed your family.

    Marc Thoma - Tranquil Garden

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