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  • Watering Basics
  • Feeding the Soil and Plants
  • Dealing With Weeds
  • Pest Management
  • Harvesting and Enjoying

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Hi, I’m Marc!

I am a gardener, woodworker and father. I know that one of my responsibilities as a father is to teach my daughter how to be a contributing member to society and hopefully improve the world in whatever way she can.

One way is for her to learn to grow her own food. 

I had the idea in the fall of 2017 to build a planter box for my daughter so that she can learn how to grow her own food and take ownership over her small garden. 

Her first year of growing in her garden was relatively successful and it will only get better as she learns what needs to be done to keep things growing well.

Marc Thoma - Tranquil Urban Homestead