Discover how your family can eat healthier, fresher food picked Just a few steps from your kitchen

Free 16-page PDF guide Outlines the Steps to create your family's own Raised Bed Garden

Hi, I’m Marc!

I have a grade-school aged daughter. I know that one of my responsibilities as a parent is to provide healthy food for my whole family.

One way is for grow my own food, especially vegetables. 

I built all new raised beds in the early spring of 2017 to provide the perfect place to grow lots of healthy, fresh vegetables in a raised bed garden.

I want you to have the same opportunity as a parent. This free guide will give you that motivation and show you that it is possible. By following a few simple steps you can grow your own vegetables that are healthier and fresher than store-bought. Plus the time you’ll spend with your family growing food together is priceless. Ready to get started? Enter your email address above as the first step in your homegrown food journey!

Marc Thoma - Tranquil Urban Homestead

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