Would having a greenhouse allow you to grow more food year-round for your family?

Of course!

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Marc Thoma - Tranquil Urban Homestead

Hi, I’m Marc!

I started off just like you, growing vegetables outside just in summer.

But when I moved to my second house, I was lucky to inherit a rough-looking greenhouse built by the previous owners to extend my growing season.

Fast forward to several years ago when I invested my time and money into rebuilding that greenhouse into a cedar-framed dream greenhouse that I now grow in year-round.

And when you grow your own food at home, especially year-round in your greenhouse, you’ll notice right away that everything is fresher and healthier for you and your family.

I want you to have the same opportunity. This free guide will give you that motivation and show you that it is possible. By following a few simple steps you can setup your dream greenhouse to grow your own vegetables that are healthier and fresher than store-bought.

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