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Want the healthiest, freshest food On your Family's Table?

Grow Your own food just steps away from your kitchen


It’s a Sunday morning and the sun is rising. You’re up first to put on the coffee and walk outside to your small backyard to harvest this morning’s breakfast.

Everything is looking so fresh and colourful amongst the various vegetables and fruits you’ve nurtured and cared for. You gently pick the things you need and bring them inside.

You rinse them all and then you take out your chopping board and your knife.

As you start cutting the fruits and veggies you literally can smell how good this is going to taste. And how healthy it will be, especially for your kids!

You set the table with homemade omelettes filled with fresh peppers, green onions and tomatoes, sprinkled with chives (growing in a cheerful pot just outside your kitchen door). And you add a bowl of sweet, juicy berries to put on top of freshly made waffles.

You then call out to your family “Breakfast!” and see their eyes light up at the amazing spread of healthy, fresh food on the table.

You can have all this and more,
such as...

This all sounds great but what if you:

Having the right help can make or break your food growing experience. Rather than waiting until your plants are dying and wasting time figuring out what to do, you can get help from a veteran who has more than 15-years of experience as a food grower.

Inside of Seed to Table you'll always have

Thoma family
Raised bed with Lettuce

Hi there, I’m Marc - Your Seed To Table Guide

I’m also a husband, a father and the food grower for my family.

My garden is a mix of raised beds, fruit trees and containers and I grow a variety of edibles from veggies, fruit to herbs (and even edible flowers!) on about an 1/8 acre suburban property. 

With 15+ years of experience growing many different kinds of fruit and veggies and herbs, I have experienced the good and the bad. I’ve weathered pest problems, diseases, weather and racoons! I’ve struggled with time management and lack of space and sun. I’ve been through it all so you don’t have to! I’m a natural problem solver and love helping others achieve what I’ve been able to achieve.

And as a published author of a book on urban gardening for beginners, I break down complex topics into simple, easy-to-understand steps anyone can follow, the main reason the publisher reached out to me to write the book.

One of my clients wrote:

“Marc Thoma is a fantastic resource and garden guru! He’s helped me get started and I’m a total newbie. No judgement (which I’ve felt in at least 2 garden centers), just support and advice I can actually follow. I’m excited to see the plants in my new raised garden bed thriving!” – Tammy

And that’s key. I’ve heard from so many beginners that they keep getting the wrong information from nurseries and garden centre staff, either because the staff don’t really know the right answer or are trying to sell a cartload of plants and supplies! 

I don’t want that to happen to you. I created this membership as my life’s mission to help other families experience the same amazing benefits of growing food at home. I am here to serve you to the best of my ability, especially with getting rid of overwhelm and lessening the struggle.

What's included:


Monthly Live Online Workshops* on seasonal topics with a Q&A session afterwards where you can ask how it specifically applies to your growing situation

Q&A Sessions

Monthly Live Online Garden Gatherings* where you can get the chance to ask a question, share successes and failures and learn from other member’s challenges.

*these workshops and sessions are recorded and made available on the membership site so that if you can’t make them live, you can catch up. Plus you have access to all the previous sessions in a growing library of helpful advice!


Monthly digital magazine you can download that is filled with helpful articles, reader’s questions, product reviews and a recipe using homegrown food

Office Hours

Weekly Office Hour Live Chats where you can ask me any questions in a chat format if you're running into issues or want to share some wins


A growing community of families growing food at home where you can ask questions, share successes, post photos and have great conversations with other members


Opportunities to win rewards such as branded merchandise, books and 1:1 coaching calls with me for referring new members to the Seed to Table Membership

And exclusively for annual members:

Veggie Starter Kit

This gets mailed out every fall/winter for all members on the annual plan: get a printed garden journal and pencil, seed packets/seed credit, plant tags, a special permanent plant tag marker and more

Pre-production mockup - actual box design and content design may vary.

Still not sure if Seed To Table is right for you?

We both know that you can find a lot of content on the internet these days. A simple google search for “how to grow food at home” gives you 1,060,000,000 hits… So let me instead ask you… Where do you even start with all this info available? How much time are you willing to invest in research, time better spent actually growing food? And how can you trust what you’ll find on a random website will work? You’ve perhaps seen those “amazing” videos that have been proven to just be camera trickery.

While there is some really good free advice out there, there is also a lot of really bad advice. Advice that could turn your dream into a nightmare!

And you know what happens when you search for something online: “Oh, look squirrel” and you’re in a rabbit hole, only coming out after an hour with your problem still not solved!

Instead you could get advice that is timely, accurate, free from distraction and eliminates the guesswork over “what search result should I click on”.

With Seed To Table you don’t have to spend hours on research, you’ll know exactly how to start and you can trust that I’ve been through it all, so all you have to do is ask and you’ll get help from me. 


Courses are usually designed to teach a technique from beginning to end. But growing food is very seasonal and it’s different for everyone based on location, climate, growing food indoors VS outdoors, etc. And also the challenges are very different and you often have to deal with them quickly in order to save your plants if something happens to them.

Here’s the thing, when you pay for something, you pay attention. Or “the transformation is in the transaction”. How often have you received something for free and didn’t value it? When you pay for advice, guidance and learning, you’re investing in your future and your family’s future and will take it more seriously.

Members in Seed to Table have made the monthly or yearly commitment to make a positive impact on their family’s life by being successful in growing food at home.

I have helped everyone from beginners to intermediate food growers, regardless of where they’re growing food. We have members with large backyards, small backyards, apartment balconies and even just a sunny windowsill indoors. 

And with my many years of experience working as a computer consultant and trainer, I’ve become quite good at choosing the right words and approaches to teaching, regardless of the topic or the knowledge level of my “student”.


Currently I don’t offer a free trial, however you can try out the membership for 2 weeks for $7 which then auto-renews for $23/month if you don’t cancel during the 2 weeks.


No, the refund period is only for the first 30 days when you first sign up. The purpose of the annual membership is to save you two months worth of membership fees. It’s designed for families who are committed to getting the help they need with their homegrown food journey. I recommend you try a month or two first and then sign up for the annual membership. And at any time during your membership term you can reach out to me if you’re struggling with finding enough value in the membership – you may just need to be pointed in the right direction.

Also note that as an annual subscriber you’ll also get the Veggie Starter Kit mailed to you every fall. As there is some lead-time needed to put the box together for every annual subscriber, that’s another reason I can’t provide a refund halfway through your annual term.

While I understand for some the monthly fee is a burden and simply doesn’t fit into their budget, I’m not able to offer any free memberships to be fair to everyone. 

Keep in mind that when you sign up monthly, you get 14 days at $7.

Have a look at what else you’re paying for on a monthly basis that you might not be using. And keep in mind that once you start growing food successfully, you can save much more than the membership fee on grocery store visits, especially if you’re trying to only buy organic. Plus what price can you put on your family’s health?


Except what happens when you lose that $230 you invested in plants because you don’t know how to take care of them? Just one tip or piece of advice that you get from the membership could save your plants and your money. And you may not need to spend so much money at the nursery – there’s lots of ways to save money on supplies and tools so that you can instead invest in your education and learning.

New memberships come with a 30-day refund guarantee. If for some reason you are not happy with the help you’ve received in the first month, you can request a refund within 30 days of signing up. 


Please email me at with your question and I’d be happy to answer it.

What are people I've helped saying?

Ready to become a member Today?

The membership is only $23USD/month or $230USD/year if subscribing annually.

  • You lock in the price you pay initially even if the price were to go up so long as you maintain your membership without a break. And that’s important. As content on the site increases month over month, so will the price as there will be much more value.
  • And why wait until your plants are dying because you didn’t know how to care for them? 
  • Or miss that one thing that will make a big difference in having a successful year or not.

Your next step now is to choose your plan and register.


Seed to Table

Pay on a monthly basis
$ 23 Monthly
  • Monthly Live Online Workshops (recorded)
  • Monthly Live Online Garden Gatherings (recorded)
  • Monthly Digital Healthy Fresh Homegrown Magazine
  • Weekly Office Hour Live Chats
  • Access to the community
  • Rewards for referring new members

Seed to Table

Pay annually and save $46 per year
$ 230 Annually
  • Monthly Live Online Workshops (recorded)
  • Monthly Live Online Garden Gatherings (recorded)
  • Monthly Digital Healthy Fresh Homegrown Magazine
  • Weekly Office Hour Live Chats
  • Access to the community
  • Rewards for referring new members
  • Veggie Starter Kit with Garden Journal, etc.
Best Value!
Save $46 per year!

When you join Seed To Table you’re fully protected by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t feel like you’ve received enough value and you decide you want to cancel any time within the first 30 days of becoming a new member, just let me know and I’ll send you a prompt refund and cancel your membership. No hassles, headaches or hoops to jump through.

I’m confident that you’ll find Seed To Table useful  – if you’re not satisfied within your first 30 days then I’ll refund you without any fuss.

You can fill in an optional survey to let me know why you’re requesting a refund and what would have made Seed To Table fit your needs better.