Children’s Garden Planter Box eBook


Learn how to build a strong, attractive children’s garden planter box for your kids or your grandkids to provide them with their own space to be creative and grow their own tasty, healthy vegetables and fruit (even if you are not an experienced woodworker or DIYer)

Comes with these additional bonus PDF downloads:

  • 5 Easy Recipes Children Will Love
  • 5 Themed Planting Plans
  • A Sturdy Add-on Trellis
  • Children Gardening Guide
  • Fun Plant Labels
  • Materials for Outdoor Projects
  • Planter Box Name Plaque
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Learn how to build a children’s garden planter box for your kids or your grandkids to provide them with their own space to grow their own veggies and fruit.

What makes this planter box design stand out from other designs you will find online?

  • It’s a compact size at just 2 feet by 3 feet (2’x3′), making it easier to find a place to put it. Your child should also be able to reach all parts of the box for seeding, weeding and harvesting. And at this size the garden is more manageable for a beginner gardener. You can always build more if your child wants to grow more!
  • No exposed end grain – all end grain is capped in some way to minimize rain and dirt penetration that could cause rot
  • No interior corner braces that take up valuable space inside the bed – exterior corner braces are stronger and add a design element to the outside of the box
  • Designed to use standard lumber sizes efficiently with almost no waste
  • Top trim that covers end grain of corner braces can be used to sit on for seeding, weeding and other maintenance
  • Sturdy bottom to hold in the soil
  • No nails or staples – all fasteners are construction-grade deck screws
  • Sacrificial feet to avoid rotting out bottom of the planter and also to protect deck surfaces from water that drips from the planter’s drain holes
  • Optional plastic sheeting covering the entire interior of the box to extend the life of the wood

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