5 Beginner Vegetable Growing Mistakes You Should Avoid

As a beginner vegetable grower, you’re bound to make mistakes. However some beginner vegetable growing mistakes can be easily avoided if you’re aware of them.

Starting Too Much

It’s easy to get excited and want to grow everything! However keep in mind the time, space and experience you have and keep it small at the start.

Neglecting to check on your garden daily

It's easy for weeds, disease and pests to take over if you are only in your garden on the weekend. Do a quick 15 min. walkthrough daily.

Starting too early or too late

Timing is everything. Make sure to use localized growing charts and know your last frost date so you can start on time.

Not protecting plants

Using frost protection like row covers will allow you to plant earlier in spring and grow later into the fall.

Following the wrong information

Be careful where you get info from online. It's better to follow someone that has similar space and time constraints as you have.

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