5 Gardening Apps You Didn't Know You Had On Your Phone

Most of us now all have smartphone. And probably it’s filled with apps of every kind. But did you know that you have some gardening apps that come with your phone?

Weather App

Keeping on top of the weather forecast is key. This way you can protect young plants from a late frost in the spring or know when you need to water in the hot summer months.

With this app you can do a quick measurement when planning your garden or use at the nursery to buy just the right size of planter.

Measure App

Notes App

This app is perfect to make a shopping list for your next trip to the garden centre, a to-do list for tasks and to keep records of plantings

Camera App

Take a photo of a plant or a disease and take it to the garden centre for identification. Or just show off your garden!

Search Bar/Voice Assistant

Convert measurements or find info either by typing or use the voice assistant when your hands are dirty.

Click the link below for a couple of more useful apps