5 Reasons Your Plants Are Dying And How You Can Keep Them Alive

Everything was fine in your new food garden when all of a sudden your plants are dying! Learn the top 5 reasons for dying plants and how to keep them alive.

Too Little or Too Much Water

Plants need just the right amount of water. Not enough water will literally dry out out plant cells. Too much water can cause the plant roots to suffocate.

Use the finger test to check soil moisture. Be sure to water containers daily and the rest of the garden at least weekly.

Too Little or Too Much Fertilizer

Feeding your plants is important but you can overdo feeding especially with synthetic chemical fertilizers.

Using organic granular or liquid fertilizers is better as they have less of a tendency to burn your plants.

Weeds Smothering Your Plants

Weeds can take over your garden and they will! They can literally smother your food plants if you let them.

Keep up with weeding around your plants and mulch around your plants with an organic mulch to reduce weed growth.

Plant Diseases

Plants can pick up diseases in your garden or may introduce diseases into your garden.

Keep your garden clean by removing plant debris and keeping tools clean. And avoid watering plant leaves as that can cause mildew.

Insect and Mammal Pests

Insect pests can devastate a plant in days and a mammal can chew up a plant in seconds.

Attract beneficial insects to keep pest insect populations down. For mammal pests such as deer, fencing works best.

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