5 Tips to Reduce Animal Pest Damage in Your Vegetable Garden

Have problems with animals eating your vegetables and damaging plants? These 5 tips can keep animal garden pests out and let you enjoy your vegetables for yourself.


Fencing around your backyard is the best way to keep large mammals such as deer out of your garden.

Garden Enclosures

If you can’t put up a fence that is high enough, putting an enclosure over your garden works and keeps out climbing animals such as racoons.

Protect from underneath

Burrowing animals can get to your veggies from below. So use raised beds that have hardware mesh/cloth installed on the bottom.

Predator deterrents

Having a dog can help keep wild animals away. As long as you watch out for your dog’s safety and ensure it doesn’t bark all night.


If there is a particular problem animal you may be allowed to relocate it. Check with your local wildlife officials what options you have.

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