6 Ways To Water Your Garden

Watering your garden is one of the most important tasks during hot, dry weather. Here are 5 ways to water your garden with the pros and cons for each.

Natural Rain

Pros: passive, good for plants, easy for ground to absorb Cons: sheltered locations won’t get watered, could be inconsistent, may spread late blight

Watering Can

Pros: can use rainwater, fertilize plants at the same time, perfect for children Cons: heavy when full, lots of back and forth to get water, can’t automate

Garden Hose

Pros: water quickly, lots of different attachments, use it for other purposes Cons: easy to drown plants or wash away seeds, tap water may be hard or heavily chlorinated, need right length, don’t last forever


Pros: can be automated, lots of options Cons: need a hose, hard to adjust, have to move it for full coverage

Soaker Hoses

Pros: can be buried to make invisible, can be automated, easy to move if needed Cons: easy to damage with a shovel, may need a pressure regulator, can’t do very sharp bends

Drip Irrigation

Pros: can be used during watering restrictions, only watering the root zone of plants, can be automated Cons: expensive and time-consuming to setup, hoses may get in the way of cultivation

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