7 Gardening Supplies to Always Keep on Hand

Winter is the perfect time to stock up on any gardening supplies you might be low on. Check these 7 out and then check the full article of 21 supplies you should always have on hand.


Cover your bare soil to cut down on weeds and help your soil retain moisture during dry periods.

Row Covers

Get a jump start on the growing season by using row covers to create micro-climates perfect for greens.

Granular Organic Fertilizer

It's a slow release fertilizer so prinkle it around your plants, rake it in a bit and see your plants flourish!

Plant Supports

Keeps heavily laden branches of tomatoes, peppers, squash off the ground. Lots of different types of stakes, cages and netting.


With the large variety of seeds available, it’s the best way to grow unique flavours and colours. Either direct seed or grow in pots for transplanting.

Pots & Trays

You'll need these if you're going to start seeds early and then transplant them out.

Potting Soil

A good organic potting soil will be disease, weed and pest free to give seedlings and container plants a great start!

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