7 Important Tips for Garden Preparations Before You Go On Vacation

Are you going away on vacation soon? Are you worried that your garden won’t survive? Learn simple tips and techniques to prepare your garden for vacation.

Tip 1: Find a caretaker

If possible find someone responsible to look after your garden. Ideally a fellow gardener that knows how to take care of plants.

Tip 2:  Automatic Watering

Setup an automatic watering system and ensure it's working before you go away.

Tip 3:  Conserve Moisture

Mulch your garden heavily to retain moisture. You can use compost, leaves, wood chips or other organic, weed-free materials.

Tip 4:  Harvesting

Harvest and preserve what you can before you go and ask someone to harvest while you're away (let them keep some of the harvest as a thank you)

Tip 5:  Coming Home

Be prepared when you come home to do some work in the garden ASAP. Watering, weeding, harvesting, etc. will need to be a top priority.

Click the link below for more vacation preparation tips. Safe travels!