7 Tips To Get Started With Apartment Homesteading

Even when you don’t have your own property, you can still incorporate homesteading into your life. Learn 7 ways you can apartment homestead.

Tip 1:  Salad Container Garden

Combine a tomato plant with some lettuce plants in a larger container

Tip 2:  Cook More

One way to reduce packaging waste is to cook more of your own food.

Tip 3:  Cleaning Supplies

Avoid the harsh chemicals and make your own cleaning supplies

Tip 4:  Make It

Don't buy, consider if you can make it: candles, soap, clothes

Tip 5:  Farmer's Markets

Support your local farmers by buying local produce and other goods.

Tip 6:  Sprouts

Sprouts are easy to grow on the kitchen counter, no outdoor space needed.

Tip 7:  Help on a Homestead

Helping out on someone else’s homestead can give you valuable experience.

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