7 Tips For Watering Planters And Containers

Watering plants growing in containers is a key task to take care of in summer. These tips will ensure your planters don’t dry out.

Pick the right size of containers

The larger the container, the more soil and thus water it can hold.

Pick the right type of container

Avoid terracotta and metal and stick with plastic, resin or wood containers.

Pick the right soil

Use a good quality container potting soil with either coconut coir or peatmoss to retain moisture.

When to water

Do the finger test to see if soil is damp or dry. Lift smaller containers to check the weight.

How much to water

Ensure water drains out of the drain holes. If using self-watering containers, fill the reservoir.

How often to water

In hot, dry weather you’ll need to water at least daily if not twice a day for small to medium-sized containers, large containers every 2-3 days.

Automated watering

Use a drip irrigation system for containers or upend a water bottle with small holes poked in the lid.

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