7 Tips to Grow Your Own Fruit Trees

Freshly picked fruit is so much better than store-bought. With these tips you’ll be able to have your own mini orchard at home!

Picking The Right Fruit Tree

Size, variety and hardiness are properties you need to look for in the trees you’ll plant.

Planting correctly

The key to a healthy tree is planting it at the right depth and properly staking the tree.

Watering Enough

Young fruit trees need lots of water to establish their roots. Water bags come in handy for this.

Fertilizing Your Trees

Make your own organic fertilizer and apply yearly to give your trees the best nutrients they need to produce lots of fruit.

Providing Pest Protection

Organic dormant oil sprays and tree banding can reduce pest damage as well as keeping an eye on your trees.

Pruning Your Trees

Yearly pruning will keep your tree’s size in check and remove any dead, damaged and diseased wood to reduce disease.

Harvesting Your Bounty!

Depending on the size of your trees you may need a long-handled fruit picker and ladder. And buckets to hold your bounty!

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