5 Garden Centre Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

Large Radish

Going to the garden centre? Not so fast. Be sure to avoid these 5 garden centre shopping mistakes to save money and have better success.


A list will keep you focussed and buy only what you need, saving you money and time.

Not Going With A List


It may be tempting to buy that flat of seedlings, but it may be too early to plant them out.

Buying Plants Too Early


Plants that haven’t been well taken care of often will not survive in your garden without lots of care.

Buying Neglected Plants


Some veggie plants sprout so easily from seed that it doesn’t make sense to pay more for seedlings.

Buying Plants Instead of Seeds


Not only is this expensive, but you have to dispose of the empty bags - instead consider a bulk soil delivery.

Buying Soil In Bags For A Raised Bed

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