How to Make Green Smoothies With Homegrown Greens

Do you run out of energy in your busy and stress-filled day? Making green smoothies from your abundance of homegrown greens will give you an energy boost!


Fruit Greens Extras Liquid


Can be canned, frozen, dried or fresh. Rehydrate dried fruit overnight. Frozen fruit can be thawed if desired.


Can be fresh or frozen. Remove tough stems as these won’t blend well.


Optionally you can add some extra flavour such as sweeteners, spices, seeds, or thickeners.


Can use water (cold or warm), green or herbal tea, juice, coconut water, milk or milk substitutes.


A good quality, high power blender is best. I use a single-serving cup to make just enough for myself.

Blending Up

Use the pulse feature to chop up the solids and then continue blending until all is liquified. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

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