Simple Steps to Give your Garden a Spring Cleanup

Once spring arrives, you may be eager to start planting. However doing these steps to prepare your garden for the new growing season is key for better success.

Harvest Overwintered Veggies

Step 1

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Most of your overwintered veggies will likely bolt once it warms up so now’s the time to harvest and make room for new crops.

Jump-start Your Irrigation System

Step 2

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If you have an irrigation system, once all danger of hard frosts is over, turn it back on and test everything and make repairs if needed.

Take Care of Your Container Plants

Step 3

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If you’ve stored container plants in a greenhouse, garage, basement, etc. time to prep them and get them ready to put back out in the garden.

Cleanup the Garden

Step 4

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It’s also time to cleanup any winter debris. Not only will it make things look better but also remove diseased materials and reduce pest damage especially from snails and slugs.

Turn Compost

Step 5

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Time to also reactivate your compost after it’s likely not done much decomposing over winter. Bonus is if you have finished compost, you can put that on your beds.

Prepare Your Soil

Step 6

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Speaking of that, you’ll need to do some soil prep if you have raised or in-ground beds. This could just be a layer of compost added on top aka no-dig or tilling/double-digging/forking.

Cleanup and Organize Your Supplies

Step 7

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Finally you’ll also want to make sure you don’t run out of any supplies during the busy growing season. Time to organize your garden shed and take stock of what you have and what you need to buy.

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