So Where Should You Put Your Compost Bin?

Composting is a great way to turn food scraps and garden waste into a rich black gold, but where do you put a compost bin?

Sun or Shade?

In a small backyard, put your compost bin in the shade as you want to use the prime sunny spots to grow your crops.

Close to your House?

The convenience of having the compost bin close to your house to throw food scraps into is nice, but it’s not the best location because of the smell and mess.

On Concrete?

Generally not a good idea as your compost may get too soggy. Put it on bare soil instead.

On a Deck?

Putting a compost bin (even a plastic one) on a wood deck will result in rot unless you elevate it on bricks.


There are counter top composting solutions that work well and use a charcoal filter to reduce the smell.

For more info on the best place to put a compost bin, click the link below