The Secrets to a Successful Greenhouse: 7 Essential Building Tips

Building your own greenhouse is the best way to have a greenhouse that fits your needs. Here are some greenhouse tips to help with that.

Tip 1: Greenhouse Size

Design your greenhouse size to fit your space and meet your needs. Bigger isn't always better.

Tip 2:  North Wall

The north wall of your greenhouse can be built without windows and well insulated to keep the cold air out..

Tip 3:  Knee Walls

Insulated knee walls keep your greenhouse  warmer in winter and cooler in summer..

Tip 4:  Ventilation

Automatic roof vents are a must to vent the hot air that accumulates at the roof peak.

Tip 5:  Polycarbonate

Twin-wall polycarbonate is lighter, insulates better and is more durable than glass.

Tip 6:  Rainwater

Save money and raise healthier plants by collecting rainwater from your greenhouse roof .

Tip 7:  Green energy

Add a solar system to run ventilation fans, water pumps, lights, etc. in the greenhouse. 

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