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Hi, I'm Marc!

As an experienced food grower for over 15 years, I’ve dealt with lots of challenges. But in the end, being able to put food on my family’s dinner table or in my daughter’s lunchbox has been worth the effort!

I want you to have the same experience. That’s why I teach families just like yours to grow food at home, using simple techniques that save you time and effort and don’t require a lot of space.


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"This is such EXCELLENT info, thank you so much!

We’ve got plot gardening down fairly well, and yet I clearly still can learn more!

Willing to answer even my strange questions about trying to do potatoes in containers or how to ensure we can take our garden with us when we move, Marc has always had a thorough answer for anything I throw at him!"
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"I've spent years reading about urban homesteading and how to get the best out of your growing land—all while stuck in an apartment on the 25th floor in the middle of a city.

Once I had a plot of land of my own, I began to see that reading and doing are VERY different things.

Marc has been able to help me synthesize my book learning and his actual experience and now my garden is flourishing and I'm on my way to more food security!

Thank you, Marc!"
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"Marc Thoma is a fantastic resource and garden guru! He's helped me get started and I'm a total newbie.

No judgement (which I've felt in at least 2 garden centers), just support and advice I can actually follow.

I'm excited to see the plants in my new raised garden bed thriving!"