Are you wondering how you can grow your own vegetables at home for your family? It can be overwhelming to know where to start!

In this free downloadable guide you’ll learn the simple steps needed to setup your own family garden in beautiful raised beds.

What is Homegrown Food?

Homegrown is healthy

  • When you know what is used to control pests and weeds and what is used to feed the plants and soil, you know your food and can feel safe giving it to your family to eat, especially your kids.
  • What is more important than the health of your family?

Homegrown is fresh

  • Imagine going out into your garden or on your balcony and picking a sun-ripened tomato or a handful of juicy raspberries or strawberries. And then eating it right away! It really can’t get any fresher than this!
  • Want the freshest food that you can get?

Homegrown is sustainable

  • By growing at least some of your food at home, you ease the strain on the global transportation system. The less food miles your food travels, the less impact your lifestyle has on our already fragile environment.
  • Want to set an example for your kids of how sustainable your family can be?

So what are you waiting for? 

It’s easy to start your homegrown food journey with your family and grow a new future of healthy, fresh, locally-sourced food.

Where are you In your Homegrown Journey?

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The Urban Homestead

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Hi, I’m Marc! I’m an urban homesteader, father, husband, entrepreneur and woodworker.

My passion is to provide my family healthy, fresh homegrown food.

But I’m even more passionate about helping other families also grow their own food. I’m familiar with the mindset challenges and the excuses you likely have about starting with homegrown food.

I’ve had them too! But what I didn’t have was a valuable resource to learn from to save time, money and frustrations.

You have that here.

I love to teach and help people. And you’ll see that in my articles, videos and other resources.

If I can help direct you to the right resources, feel free to contact me anytime.

Wishing you all the best on your family’s homegrown journey!

Marc Thoma Signature

Victoria, BC, CANADA

Marc Thoma - Tranquil Urban Homestead

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