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    Join Marc on an Autumn Homestead Tour

    Take a walk through the homestead with me as Marc shows you the various features of his backyard garden and shares what is still growing at this transitional time of year. 

    See the raised cedar garden beds, greenhouse, many fruit trees and be amazed at what is packed into a tiny 1/8 acre urban lot.

    Hi, I’m Marc!

    I am a gardener, woodworker and father. My passion is to provide for my family by growing high-quality, fresh food.

    Over the years I have done traditional gardening and this blog started off as a regular gardening blog. However over the past two summers, my focus has been on growing more and more food and preserving it.

    .As I continue to improve food production and learn to become more self-sufficient by also growing herbs to use for medicine and my family’s well-being, I realized that I am moving closer to homesteading. So this blog has moved in that direction as well and the name has changed to Tranquil Garden Urban Homestead.

    Homesteading in the city on an urban 1/8 acre lot is not easy due lack of space, strict bylaws and regulations, and the pressure of fitting in homesteading work between my day job, my family and other obligations.

    I am very solutions-focussed so I know I can overcome all of these challenges. Here on this blog and with my products, I will provide you with the information you need to plan well, reduce maintenance time and costs, build support structures and grow your own food!

    I hope you will join me on the journey in becoming more self-sufficient!

    Wishing you all the best in your efforts!

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    Marc Thoma - Tranquil Garden
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