I believe every family can transition from just surviving to thriving by eating healthy, fresh homegrown food

My mission is to empower families with the skills and knowledge to grow homegrown food in order to have a  healthier, thriving lifestyle; and I do this by being a valuable resource for information and support on growing food at home.


Hi, I’m Marc!

When my daughter was born back in 2013, we were very grateful to become parents. It was a miracle after having had a stillbirth, several miscarriages, battling years of infertility and my wife coming down with a chronic autoimmune condition.

I knew that my priorities had changed and that as a new parent, I now was dedicated to seeing that my daughter grows up healthy.

Homegrown food was one way I could ensure that the food she eats is healthy and fresh. So I doubled down on what I was already doing and started growing more food in my urban backyard.


And now my school-aged daughter grows her own veggies, fruit and herbs in her own small garden, learning that food doesn’t just come in a cardboard box or plastic bag.

I realized through this experience that my purpose in life is to help other family’s have the same access to high-quality, fresh food grown just steps away from their dinner table.

So that’s how Healthy Fresh Homegrown was born – out of a need I saw to personally help 1,000 families in this new decade live a thriving, healthy lifestyle by growing their own food at home.

I look forward to helping your family!

children's garden planter box


Wishing you all the best!

The Thoma Family
Victoria, BC, Canada

Thoma family

Interesting Facts
You Might Not Know About Me

I'm a published author

In my spare time, I've written two books! Urban Gardening For Beginners and Herb Gardening for Beginners. They're available here on my Amazon author page: Author Marc Thoma

I'm a computer geek

I've always had a knack for making computers behave and listen to me! So having an online business comes easy, at least on the tech side of things.

I'm learning Japanese

Since my wife is Japanese, I've been studying Japanese and trying to at least be able to speak and understand simple sentences, thanks to Duolingo!

I'm a woodworker

Following in my German father's footsteps, I love working with wood! Especially our local western red cedar, which I combine with gardening by building outdoor structures.

We're an EV family

In 2018 we took the leap and switched to a fully electric car by leasing a Nissan Leaf. Quite the departure considering I used to own two collector cars, a 1956 and 1966 Pontiac.

Purpose and Values

prioritize Healthy Food

Many families value health more so than money or other possessions.

And in today’s busy life where the next meal might be a quick microwaveable tray or fast food takeout, we need to prioritize heathy food, not convenience.

Lack of time, space or knowledge are not valid excuses for missing out on all the health benefits of homegrown food.


All problems have a solution

There will be many problems that occur when growing food at home. That’s just the nature of it (pun intended). However problems are meant to be solved.

It may take some research or some trial and error but solutions are out there just waiting for us. Often all it takes is a shift of mindset and someone like me to show you a different perspective.


Everyone can grow food

Every suburban backyard has the potential to grow a significant portion of a family’s food needs every year. Even a balcony garden or indoor garden can supplement meals primarily made from store-bought ingredients. This can save a family hundreds every year on food costs.

More kids will grow up learning where their food comes from, valuing fresh vs. packaged, healthy vs. preservative-loaded.



Work with Nature, not against it

Fighting against nature all the time will burn you out. Instead I advocate working with nature instead of against it.

Therefore you’ll only see me recommend organic methods for fertilizing, controlling pests, diseases and weeds.

We need to learn from nature as it has been successful for millennium in growing plants without our intervention.


Learn to adapt

It sounds simple. Just plant a seed, water it and you’ll get a plentiful harvest.

But then stuff happens. Pests, disease, weather and other challenges may result in a mediocre harvest. That can kill the dream a family has of adding homegrown food to their lifestyle.

It doesn’t have to be that way. I teach proven techniques that work for us and provide coaching and personalized assistance, so that families can learn to deal with whatever nature throws at them.


Save money, be healthier

Homegrown food can have a huge impact on a family’s food budget. This savings will grow (pun intended!) as a family becomes more confident and grows more variety and quantity over the years.

And eating healthier, fresher food can improve the health of all members of the family, from infants to the eldest members.

Healthier bodies means less chronic disease and health issues. Which results in less reliance on the health care system and the high costs that family’s bear either directly or through taxes.

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"This is such EXCELLENT info, thank you so much!

We’ve got plot gardening down fairly well, and yet I clearly still can learn more!

Willing to answer even my strange questions about trying to do potatoes in containers or how to ensure we can take our garden with us when we move, Marc has always had a thorough answer for anything I throw at him!"
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"I've spent years reading about urban homesteading and how to get the best out of your growing land—all while stuck in an apartment on the 25th floor in the middle of a city.

Once I had a plot of land of my own, I began to see that reading and doing are VERY different things.

Marc has been able to help me synthesize my book learning and his actual experience and now my garden is flourishing and I'm on my way to more food security!

Thank you, Marc!"
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"Marc Thoma is a fantastic resource and garden guru! He's helped me get started and I'm a total newbie.

No judgement (which I've felt in at least 2 garden centers), just support and advice I can actually follow.

I'm excited to see the plants in my new raised garden bed thriving!"

How I Can help you grow food

Regular Inspiring Content

I publish blog articles here on this site, videos on my Youtube channel and send weekly emails to my subscribers sharing advice and inspiration to get you growing!

Garden Coaching

Get serious growing food to better your family's health by signing up for a garden coaching session that will get you started with your first food garden and support you through any challenges and problems.

Answers to Some
Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you only recommend organic gardening methods?

When it comes to my family’s health, it’s important that the food we grow is clean with no residues from synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. 

And I want the same for your family, so you’ll never see me recommend products or methods that are not organic in nature.


Do you offer private Garden Consulting/coaching?

I do!

You can sign up for a one-hour garden coaching session, a chance to talk to me one on one and get the help you need. Each online video session is $47/hour.


What's your best tip for growing food?

It would have to be: 

Start small and work your way up to a larger garden as you gain experience and knowledge.

That way you don’t get overwhelmed by trying to grow too much at the beginning. 

One of the best way for beginners to start is with container gardening.


When should I plant?

I wish I could tell you exactly, but every region is different. So it is hard to provide general advice. Even within the same neighbourhood, your backyard or balcony may have a different local micro-climate.

I recommend getting a local growing chart either from a local seed supplier’s seed catalogue or a nursery/garden centre. Then experiment. If you plant something too early, you can always use row cover to protect your crops from a late frost.

How did you come to have such a variety of fruit trees?

I lucked out by having established trees already on the property when I moved in back in 2005. The previous owner was an avid gardener. 

Two trees did end up dying (one plum and one peach) and actually removed two fig trees (I originally had four!)

But we still get an abundance of fresh fruit every year from our remaining 9 trees!


Do you Accept guest posts

At this point I’m not accepting any guest posts, sorry.


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