Unlock The Power Of Year-Round Gardening: 3 Reasons A Balcony Mini Greenhouse Is A Must-Have

A balcony mini greenhouse is a must have if you want to maximize growing food on your balcony. Learn why a balcony mini greenhouse is worth the cost and space it takes up.

If you have a balcony garden, you know that space is at a premium. You probably share your containers of food plants with a seating area, maybe a barbecue if allowed.

So you’re probably wondering why I’m suggesting you also squeeze in a balcony mini greenhouse.

Well, let me count the ways!

Seed Starting In a Balcony Mini Greenhouse

pots seeded and watered with labels

Growing your own seedlings from seeds you either buy or save makes economic sense, plus there are other benefits as well which I’ve covered in Seeds Or Seedlings? Which One Is The Better Choice?

Seed starting is usually done indoors. But when you live in an apartment or condominium, you likely have limited indoor space. Plus you’ll have very low light levels unless you are blessed with having a corner suite with lots of windows.

So seed starting outdoors in a balcony mini greenhouse might make more sense.

You can tier a few flats of seeds easily in a mini greenhouse to save space. If your balcony also doesn’t get much light, you can hang a few LED grow lights such as these ones to the undersides of the shelves and run these on a timer.

Overwintering Plants In Your Balcony Mini Greenhouse

wooden greenhouse bench with tomato plants in pots

Depending on how cold your winters get, you may have some perennial plants such as flowers or herbs that need some protection in winter.

If you’re high up in a high-rise building you know how cold the wind can be and that can easily damage plants in containers that might otherwise survive fine at ground level.

A balcony mini greenhouse is perfect to overwinter these plants.

Move them into the greenhouse before your first hard frost in fall and then gradually introduce them to the climate outside the greenhouse in early spring by opening up the greenhouse during the day. After maybe a week of that, move the plants outside during the day and put them back in at night.

For larger plants that might not fit in the greenhouse there are also special bags made from row cover material that you can put over the plants to protect them from hard frosts.

Growing Heat-Loving Plants In A Balcony Mini Greenhouse

cherry tomatoes on a tomato plant attached to a wooden trellis

The third reason you need a balcony mini greenhouse is if your summers or your balcony are a bit on the cool side but you still want to grow heat-loving plants such as tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and melons.

Depending on the size of the plants you may need a taller greenhouse where you can remove the shelves.

Or you can build your own out of thin PVC pipe and connectors or wood strips. Then use some greenhouse plastic as a cover.

Just keep in mind that a closed greenhouse is going to heat up quickly in the sun, so be sure to vent the greenhouse during the day (open it before you leave for work and close it again when you come home). And many of these plants also require pollination from wind or bees, so remember to open the greenhouse when plants are flowering. Or you can help them out a bit by hand pollinating.

Where To Buy A Balcony Mini Greenhouse

Many nurseries, garden centres and even big box home improvement stores carry these balcony mini greenhouses. They are usually in kit form but very easy to put together.

Many nurseries, garden centres and even big box home improvement stores carry these balcony mini greenhouses. They are usually in kit form but very easy to put together.

However if you’re having problems finding them locally, especially in the middle of the city, check out these options from Amazon:

Browse for more here to find just the right one for your space and needs.

Or you could also try doing what this balcony gardener did and enclose your whole balcony:

Just keep in mind that some apartment landlords and condominium rules might prohibit greenhouses or limit their size. Check first before spending your money on a balcony mini greenhouse.

I hope that has given you some ideas of how to use a balcony mini greenhouse. Once you have one you’ll wonder how you did without it!

If you have any questions about growing in a greenhouse or balcony gardening questions in general, leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to answer it!

Happy balcony gardening!

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