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Best Kids Gardening Tools That Make Gardening Fun [Buying Guide]

Got kids? Do they want to grow their own veggies just like mom and dad? Here are the best kids gardening tools that will make gardening fun for them.

Kids like to copy what grown-ups do.

And they want to have what grown-ups have but sized for their smaller hands and fingers.

So when it comes to encouraging your kids to start growing their own food, getting them kids-sized garden tools will help.

There are lots of cute garden tool sets available that’ll be a hit with your kids!

Similar to the big kids (adult) list of tools, kids just need a basic tool set to do everything in the garden. As they get more involved and show a sustained interest, you can buy them more tools either to replace or supplement what they already have.

Then there are also watering cans and wheelbarrows to complete your kid’s tool collection.

Criteria For Kids Gardening Tools

Adult-sized gardening tools are not appropriate for most young kids.

They are too big, too heavy and in many cases not safe for kids to use.

Plus adult gardening tools are created for function, not to be cute or whimsical (there are exceptions of course!)

So you should look for the following features when shopping for gardening tools for children:

  • shorter and smaller – kids are shorter than adults and their hands are smaller. Look for shorter tools that match their height and make sure handles are thin enough for their small hands to wrap around.
  • lighter – just by being smaller, kids tools will be lighter but materials also come into play. Look for lighter materials such as reinforced plastics and aluminium instead of steel or hardwood handles.
  • durable – kids are likely going to be rougher on their tools than you would with yours (although I’ve broken tool handles myself!), so even though you’re looking for light you also don’t want flimsy tools.
  • safer – kids are not as careful as adults, so safety is of prime importance. Look for tools with blunt edges, no sharp tips and the proper size as mention in the first two points above.
  • colourful – kids like colours and will have their favourites. Look for brightly coloured tools with graphics such as animals or faces. It also makes them less likely to be lost in the garden!

Best Kids Gardening Gloves

Note: Even though gloves might not be considered tools, when kids work with tools, it’s a good idea to have them protect their hands. That’s why I’ve included this section.

While most kids like exploring with their bare hands and getting them dirty, there are some kids that are more squeamish, just like adults. And there are some tasks that are safer if they protect their hands.

Problem is finding gloves that will fit their small hands. Luckily some manufacturers are making gloves for little hands.

If you are still having issues finding gardening gloves that fit, regular winter gloves can work too. Mittens not so much as they won’t allow your kids to grip things that well.

My recommendations from Amazon:

Melissa & Doug Dixie and Trixie Ladybug Good Gripping Gardening Gloves

These gloves are cute and have a coating to make gripping tools and other things easier. They are supposed to fit 3-6 year olds. According to the reviews they might be a bit big for 3 year olds, especially kids with smaller hands.

best kids gardening gloves

Vgo 2Pairs 3-4 Years Old Kids Gardening,Lawning,Working DIY Gloves

These gloves come in either blue or pink, depending on the colour your kid loves best. They come in a few different sizes instead of the ones above that have a broad range. The size ranges are: 3-4, 5-6 and 6-7 years old. It does mean you would need to buy the next size up as your child’s hands grow, but will likely fit better. They also are CA65 approved and comply with REACH regulations in the EU regarding use of chemicals.

Kinco 1500 Youth (2-Pack) Genuine Leather Work Gloves for Kids (Boys & Girls) – Exactly Like the Adult Version

These gloves won’t win the cute or fun award. But these are perfect for older kids (ages 7-12) that are helping you with some of the more prickly jobs. They are made from genuine leather exactly like the adult versions. They may be a bit stiff for young hands but with use should soften up a bit – washing them first will help too.

Best Kids Gardening Tool Sets

So now that your kids’ hands are protected, let’s get them some tools! With adult tools, you really need to buy individual tools to get the best ones that meet your needs. But with kids’ gardening tools, a tool set is a great idea.

Then they will have a good all-around set that will make gardening fun! They’ll learn to choose the right tool that best fits the task at hand.

The question is: long-handled tools or short-handled tools or both? Long-handled tools are definitely better for older kids. They tend to be heavier and harder to handle. And really best suited for larger digging and cleanup work.

For kids to just play around in the soil or help you weed or plant seeds or seedlings, they just need a good set of hand tools.

And the bonus is that a lot of the kids gardening tool sets come with bag that they can store the tools in and carry around the garden. The bags also have space for seed packets, a bottle of water or juice so they stay hydrated and a snack.

My recommendations from Amazon:

G & F Products JustForKids Kids Garden Tool Set Toy, Rake, Spade, Hoe and Leaf Rake, reduced size, 4-Piece

This set is safer than some other sets as the handles are all capped with a soft plastic protective cap. These tools are recommended for 5 years old and up as younger kids may injure themselves on the sharp tines of the rakes and the pointy end of the shovel.

INNOCHEER Kids Gardening Tools with STEM Learning Guide, Watering Can, Gardening Gloves, Shovel, Rake, Trowel & Garden Accessories – Outdoor and Learning Toys All in One Tote( 18 Pieces)

I love this set! Not only does it come with three hand tools and the carrying bag, but also contains a watering can, some small pots to plant in, gloves, apron, plant tags and even stickers! Great value that your kids will absolutely love!

INNOCHEER Kids Gardening Tools, 7 Piece Garden tool set for Kids with Watering Can, Gardening Gloves, Shovel, Rake, Trowel and Kids Smock, All in One Gardening Tote

If you are looking for something more basic, you can’t go wrong with this set. It still has some of the extras the kit above has.

Best Kids Watering Can

Kids love playing with water and if you can get them to water plants while they play, even better!

They can’t handle a large adult-sized watering can until they are quite a bit older, so for young kids you want to size the can to their abilities.

Kids watering cans come in many cute colours and designs so find one that your kids will love. But they also need to be easy to fill up and handle.

Since some of the kits above contain watering cans, you may not need to buy a separate one. But if you do need one here are some playful ones your kids will enjoy.

My recommendations from Amazon:

Union 63182 Elephant Watering Can, 2 Quarts, 0.5 Gallons, Gray, Novelty Indoor Watering Can

World of Eric Carle, The Very Hungry Caterpillar Tin Watering Can

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Giddy Buggy Watering Can With Flower-Shaped Spout

Best Kids Wheelbarrow

Finally we’ll look at some kid’s-sized wheelbarrows. Even if they don’t use it for hauling around soil or leaves, they can load it up with their stuffed animals and take them for a ride in the backyard!

My recommendations from Amazon:

Radio Flyer Kid’s Wheelbarrow

This is from the classic little red wagon company, Radio Flyer. Very durable with wood handles, it’s just a resized version of a full-sized wheelbarrow.

Radio Flyer Kid's Wheelbarrow

Note: some older reviews of this model mention difficulties of assembly. Radio Flyer addressed these issues and supposedly newer models do not have these issues anymore.

G & F 10041 JustForKids Kids Wheel Barrel made of real metal kids size

This wheelbarrow is made completely out of metal (except the tire of course), including the handles. Some people have had issues with it rusting (probably if the paint gets scraped as will happen), so good idea to store it inside or under cover in rainy weather.

Hape Kids Beach and Garden Wheelbarrow, Red

This wheelbarrow is a bit different, in that it has two wheels. This should make it more stable, especially for young kids. The bin is also deeper and is made out of plastic, so should last a long time. Handles however are also plastic as are the wheels and tires, so probably not good for moving heavy things around.

Seeding Square

I’ll also mention the Seeding Square. This is a great guide for spacing plants that both kids and adults can use.

I’ve done a full review of the Seeding Square.


All of these tools and sets would make great kids’ birthday or holiday presents for your child, niece or nephew or grandchild. Imagine watching them opening up the present and seeing these colourful tools that will let them spent quality family time in the garden with you!

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