Sprouts in a mason jar

5 Easy Steps to Grow Fresh Sprouts in Jars

Sprouts are a great superfood to have on hand for sandwiches, wraps and stir-fries. And you can grow fresh sprouts in jars very easily on your kitchen counter.

Growing sprouts in jars is something anyone can do, even if you lack outdoor space to grow plants in soil.

sprouts in a glass canning jar with a mesh top

What Are Sprouts?

Sprouts are just the immature plants grown from seeds.

They are not grown in soil. Instead they are grown essentially in air with a bit of moisture.

What Kinds of Sprouts Can You Grow?

They can be grown from many different kinds of seeds, but greens, brassicas and legumes are the most popular.

Specifically broccoli, mung beans, mustards and arugula are most commonly grown to name a few.

The key with seeds is to use organic seeds that are clean – ideally buying specially prepared seeds for sprouting, rather than just normal seeds you’d plant in soil.

Why Grow Your Own Sprouts?

The benefit of growing your own is that they are fresher and tastier.

Sprouts you buy at the grocery store often have been packaged days if not weeks before and have lost some of their nutritional value as well as taste.

What Do You Need To Grow Sprouts?

Here’s a list of what you need:

  • seeds
  • a glass canning jar with the metal ring
  • a piece of nylon window screening or cheesecloth
  • fresh water, ideally filtered
  • A small bowl you can tip the jar into for draining (optional)

How Do You Grow Sprouts?

Here is a short video showing you exactly how you can start a jar of sprouts on your counter today with just a few simply supplies.

I hope this inspires you to give it a try yourself!

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