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This page lists my favourite resources broken down by type of resource. 

Some are resources I have bought or used. 

Others are resources I have created to help you in your gardening and homesteading journey.

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Fall Cleanup & Preparation Checklist on iPad

Fall Cleanup & Preparation Checklist

Keep track of what you need to do to prepare your garden for winter and learn what needs to be done in the vegetable garden, orchard, flower garden and greenhouse. Secure your garden against severe weather, protect plants from disease, build soil health and ensure tools and supplies are ready for spring.

Fun Plant Labels (Printable for Sale)

Fun Plant Labels [Printable]

Friendly smiling plant labels that children will absolutely love! Add these colourful labels to your children’s garden to know where each plant is growing.

Garden Features Worksheet

Print out and take this with you if you are buying a house. Includes lots of space to make rough sketches of the property and make notes and checkboxes for features that will have an impact on your garden.

Garden Planning Worksheet

Print out and print out and plan out your gardening year. Includes lots of space to plan out your vegetable garden, projects, maintenance routine and vacations.

Garden Supplies Checklist

Print out and take this handy checklist with you into the garden shed and on your shopping trips. Use the checkboxes to note down what you have and what you don’t have, so you can stock up your garden shed.

Caretaker & Homeowner Vacation Checklist on iPad-2

Homeowner Vacation Checklist And Caretaker Vacation Checklist

Both checklists help prepare you, your garden and the caretaker of your garden when you go on vacation, especially during the main growing season. Come back to a productive and cared-for garden/homestead.

Outdoor Lumber Cheatsheet

This lists possible uses of lumber in the garden, then covers the various types of lumber including cost, pros, cons and types for each.

Vegetable Crop Rotation Cheatsheet

This lists all the vegetable plant families and shows you how to plan your crops in a typical 4 bed rotation sequence.


Family Raised Bed Garden eBook

Family Raised Bed Garden By Marc Thoma

The busy parent's guide to growing vegetables at home. Learn how you can easily grow lots of healthy, fresh food for your family in a beautiful raised bed garden at home, even if you’ve never gardened before.

How To Build A Garden Planter Box For Children By Marc Thoma

Learn how to build a strong, attractive planter box for your child (even if you are not an experienced woodworker or DIYer.) Provide your child with their own space to be creative and grow their own tasty, healthy vegetables and fruit.

jamie at home - Cook Your Way to the Good Life by Jamie Oliver - This book is a combination of a recipe book and a vegetable gardening book. Each chapter introduces a food and then contains some recipes. The last page of each chapter then has a page or two where Jamie explains how he grows the food or purchases it (such as lamb or wild game). He also provides a list of his favourite vegetable varieties, seed suppliers and useful websites at the back of the book. This is my go-to book for recipes, especially his pizza crust recipe and shortcrust pie crust recipe. The recipes contain some additional info, not just the ingredients and steps. Photos show Jamie in his garden harvesting vegetables and preparing them for cooking.

Jamie At Home – Cook Your Way To The Good Life By Jamie Oliver

This book is a combination of a recipe book and a vegetable gardening book – the perfect combo in my opinion! Each chapter introduces a food, follows with some recipes and ends with a “how I grow…” section where Jamie explains how he grows the food.

Tranquil Garden eBook - 25 Simple Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Space

Tranquil Garden EBook – 25 Simple Ideas

Note: this book is aimed at general gardening, not specific to homesteading.
The Tranquil Garden eBook will show you how easy it is to transform your backyard or front yard into a tranquil garden a few steps at a time. This eBook describes in detail 25 ideas you can follow to transform your outdoor space into a more tranquil garden.


A Year On The Garden Path – A 52-Week Organic Gardening Guide By Carolyn Harriot

This book is a week-by-week guide on how to grow organically. Carolyn Harriot took a neglected property close to Victoria and turned it into a high-yield food garden, growing vegetables, herbs and fruit organically without pesticides, chemical fertilizers or herbicides.


The Year-Round Solar Greenhouse – How To Design And Build A Net-Zero Energy Greenhouse By Lindsey Schiller And Marc Plinke

This book is a comprehensive guide to building a greenhouse that is energy efficient and uses the energy of the sun to heat and cool the interior.The authors first go over some basics to building a greenhouse that controls heat gain and heat loss.


The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener: How To Grow Your Own Food 365 Days A Year, No Matter Where You Live By Niki Jabbour

This book busts the myth that you cannot grow vegetables in winter other than in mild climates. Niki shares her experience of growing vegetables year-round in Nova Scotia, on the east coast of Canada, where the winters are often cold and stormy.


The Zero-Mile Diet – A Year-Round Guide To Growing Organic Food By Carolyn Harriot

This book follows a month-by-month format expanding on the info presented in Carolyn's first book. She focuses more on specific types of produce, with more detailed information on each and emphasizes the benefits of growing your own food, just steps from your kitchen.

Japanese Gardens In A Weekend

Japanese Gardens In A Weekend – Projects For One, Two Or Three Weekends By Robert Ketchell

This book is a guide to constructing over 20 Japanese features in manageable steps. You can complete each project in either one, two or three weekends. The book is richly illustrated with high-quality photos and detailed drawings and illustrations.

Buying Guides

10 Must Have Gardening Tools That You Need To Start Gardening [Buying Guide] - Basic gardening tools are essential to getting the beginner gardener off to a great start. Find out what you need to have in your garden shed.

10 Must Have Gardening Tools That You Need To Start Gardening

Tools are a key to having a successful garden. These 10 must have gardening tools will make maintenance easier and faster and should be in your toolshed.

long handled garden tools leaning against shed wall and overlay text for buying guide

15 Special Gardening Tools That You Will Find Helpful

Tools are a key to having a successful garden. These 15 special gardening tools can help you if you have specialized tasks that you need to do.

gray wood table with woodworking tools and overlay text for buying guide

15 Woodworking Tools That You Can Use In The Garden

Supplement your garden tools by including some woodworking tools. Learn which tools you can use and how you can use them.

gray garden shed wall and door and overlay text for buying guide

21 Useful Gardening Supplies To Restock This Winter

Keeping your garden supplies stocked up is crucial to getting work done when you need to. Learn what supplies you need to keep on hand.

rustic presents with overlay text Gifts For Beginner Gardeners - 12 Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Gifts For Beginner Gardeners: 12 Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Have a beginner gardener on your holiday shopping list you still need to buy for? Get ideas for some last-minute gifts for beginner gardeners.


Thumbnail from video with overlay text

Urban Homestead Tour: Raised beds, greenhouse, fruit trees and more [Nov 2018]

Take a walk through the homestead with me as I show you the various features of the backyard garden and find what is still growing at this time of year.

Thumbnail from video with overlay text

Fruit Tree Fertilizer: How To Make And Apply Homemade Fertilizer [How-to]

Follow along with Marc as he makes and applies homemade fruit tree fertilizer to one of his many fruit trees to feed the tree for a better harvest.

greenhouse with overlay text

Greenhouse Passive Heating Features

Take a look with Marc at the greenhouse features that allow it to capture heat energy during the day when the sun shines and release that heat slowly at nighttime to avoid having plants inside freeze.

Thumbnail from video with overlay text

Raspberry Pruning Basics: Get better harvests in 2019 by pruning raspberry canes. [How-to]

Follow along with Marc as he shows you how to prune raspberries. Learn why you need to prune and what you need to do it successfully.

Thumbnail from video with overlay text

Tree Banding: How To Easily Increase Fruit Yields in 2019 [How-to]

Follow along with Marc as he applies a resin tree band to one of his many fruit trees to guard against the winter moth.


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