strawberry crate tower with pine shavings mulch

Strawberry Crate Tower Build in Photos

Do you want to grow your strawberries in a space-saving way? Do you hate it when slugs and other pests eat the berries? Build a strawberry crate tower.

I first saw this idea on CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY YouTube channel.

I only had time today to plant up one crate with some leftover strawberry plants but the idea is to do the same with the other three crates (except leave the top plants out) and stack these up into a tower. Saves space and keeps the bugs and slugs away.

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  1. It is pretty sad that others can point to youtuber CaliKim for this design and than state, she learned it from this from another Youtube without spelling out my name. I really thought Youtube was about helping and creating ideas. Thus giving credit to those that took the time to design something and bring it to the Youtube gardening “community” Thanks but no thanks for the shout out.

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